Network interface VFD Display VFD86F-LAN
Develop by Techno Veins.

VFD86F-LAN is the small display unit which connects with the Ethernet(10/100Base-T) network directly and performs a message and a Japanese (Kanji) character display.

It's good for Real Time changeable Signs, Moving message from network PC.

High quality DOT matrix for indoor use.
High density dot matrix VFD*1 -- a beautiful display,
In the information display and guidance display in the interior of a room, it is the optimal.

VFD with a wide emission spectrum harmonizes with the atmosphere which settled down as for the interior of a room,
It is a display soft touch to those who work around.

*1 VFD (Vacuum Fluorescent Display): A fluorescent character display tube is a high-class display device, It is used in many applications, such as Audio & Video equipments, such as a VCR and a Stereo, and a Alarm Clock, Car equipment.  etc.

Large size Message on a small body.
VFD86F-LAN can be displayed to the maximum character whose one character is 41mm by 83mm.

Since the font size is indicated by mixture, information can be displayed legible.
By the 32 dot Japanese Kanji character font of built-in ROM, it is a beautiful shape Japanese Kanji character display. (8 column Japanese Kanji character of two lines)
By the 16 dot Japanese Kanji character font of built-in ROM, many displays of a character are possible. (16 column Japanese Kanji character of four lines)
length and each width -- expansion character display (a 32-dot font is vertical 2 double-width) by 2 double-width and 4 double-width.

Beautiful simple design.
The simple and beautiful design which does not interfere with a display.

A front acrylics panel serves as a beautiful accent line with the angle to see.
Edge processing is given. (like a glass color)

A wall mounted, a DIN rail, etc. can be installed.
The putting installation with the attached rubber foot and the wall mounting with the optional wall fittings can be set up.
It is possible to set it up in various places such as shelves of the wall of the entrance of the conference room and the classroom, windows, and waiting rooms, stores, and warehouses.

In the factory and the laboratory, by the installation with the DIN rail metal fittings and the connections by the network
It is possible to correspond also to the line and the arrangement union changing flexibly.

Display software
Japanese message display utility software by Techno Veins

Display software (DispVFD) can allocate the button the display message.
Moreover, the schedule transmission function to transmit the message automatically at the specified time

Transmission software (SendVFD) : from customer's program and application easily.
It is utility software that can transmit the network to VFD86F-LAN as for the message

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Last Update : 2020/04/02